Fundraise Your Way

Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Mater Chicks in Pink Fundraising Terms and Conditions 

Registration and Authorisation
1.    Activity organisers must be registered online with Mater Foundation to conduct fundraising activities. 
2.    Acceptance by Mater Foundation of this registration is your official authority to fundraise in support of the Mater Foundation Mater Chicks in Pink.
3.    An ‘Authority to Fundraise’ certificate can be provided, by request.
4.    The person whose name appears on the online registration is the activity organiser, which makes them solely accountable for managing the fundraising activity in a safe, appropriate and responsible way. 
5.    A child under the age of 15 must not act as a Fundraiser without previous written consent of a parent or guardian, and if the consent is given, the child must be accompanied by an adult.

Consultation and approval 
1.    The use of any logos associated with Mater Foundation and/or the Mater Misericordiae Ltd in promotional and advertising materials must be approved prior to production.
2.    Publicity relating to the fundraising activities must be sighted and approved by Mater Foundation before approaches to media are made.
3.    Prospective donors or sponsors for the fundraising activities must be confirmed with Mater Foundation prior to an approach being made.

1.    All raffles and fundraising activities are conducted in accordance with Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 and other relevant regulations. Queensland Government information available at:  
2.    Functions where liquor is to be consumed or sold at an event in a public area must be in accordance with relevant legislation and may require a Community Liquor Permit available from OLGR 21 days prior to the event. For more information please see 
3.    Any costs incurred by the activity organiser are at the expense of the organiser and not Mater Foundation.
4.    Mater Foundation and/or Mater Misericordiae Ltd is not responsible for any financial losses, damage to property or personal injury suffered as a result of the fundraising activity.
5.    The activity organiser must take responsibility for, and hold onto all money raised until the fundraising activity is over and make sure it is kept in a safe place. Funds must be returned according to the instructions provided. This will ensure Mater Foundation can track and acknowledge your contribution.
6.    Donations over $2 are tax deductible. 
7.    The activity organiser must provide a receipt to a donor if the donor requests a receipt and the donation is over $2. 
8.    Mater Foundation requires within one (1) month of the completion of the fundraising activity:
a.    Notification of the outcome of the fundraising activity,
b.    A record of income and expenses from the fundraising activity, 
c.    A cheque or deposit to the Mater Foundation bank account of the proceeds from the fundraising activity, and
d.    Raffle tracker and associated raffle documents, if relevant.
9.    Mater Foundation reserves the right to withdraw the activity organiser’s authority to conduct or organise a fundraising activity at any time if it appears there is a likelihood of the activity organiser not meeting any of these responsibilities.

Privacy and Communications
10.    Mater Foundation (ABN 96 723 184 640) is committed to protecting your privacy.  Our Privacy Policy is aligned with the Australian Privacy Principles to ensure greater transparency around how we handle your personal information in line with global privacy reforms. Our Privacy policy and notification statement can be read in full at 
11.    If you have any questions about privacy, including updating and/or changing personal information please contact our Privacy Officer via  or by calling 07 3163 8000. 
12.    Your email address will be used to send you confirmation of your registration and updates about Breast Ever Brunch as well as support to help you reach your fundraising goals. From time to time we'd also like to send you information about other Mater Foundation events and fundraising activities that may be of interest to you. 
13.    If you do not want to receive further communication from Mater Foundation (other than information that relates to this service) please contact our Supporter Operations team via or by calling 07 3163 5666.