Michaela's story

Michaela's story

My mum was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer in 2012. Mum fought a tough battle but came out victorious—she has officially finished all her medication this year and is now well into remission, living by her motto 'What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger'. I don't think her recovery journey would have been nearly as successful without the amazing support we received from Chicks in Pink.

In my final year of high school, I was gifted with the opportunity to be one of the Social Justice Prefects. After much deliberation, mum and I agreed that too many people are affected by breast cancer. We then set a goal to spend the whole year raising money for breast cancer.

After many fundraising events, including a Mother’s Day Stall, Donut Dash, Christmas in July, The Chop—which saw 10 year 12 girls chop at least 15cm of hair off the day after formal—just to name a few, we were able to surpass our original goal of $8000 to raise a total of $17,778 towards funding 2 new Chemotherapy chairs at Redlands Mater Hospital.

We chose particular item because my mum, like many other women, had to travel a long journey into the city on a daily/weekly basis, and we wanted to ensure more services in the regions to ease the strain on families and hospitals.

Support programs are so incredibly important, and they help women like my mum in a time of much need.

- Michaela

Since chopping off my hair in 2015, I’ve always wanted to go one step further and shave my head. Last year, I decided that 2018 was the year to take the plunge! After much online fundraising and a successful trivia night, I found 3 brave men to shave their heads with me.

I'd say there was around 2 metres of shaved hair between us in total, and we raised just short of $8000 for Mater Chicks in Pink!

All funds raised for Mater Chicks in Pink goes towards finding a cure for breast cancer, but also gives cancer patients important mental and emotional support through programs such as Yoga, art classes and mindfulness programs.

Support programs are so incredibly important, and they help women like my mum in a time of much need. Mater Chicks in Pink is an incredible charity—not every cancer or condition has such an amazing support system, and for that I am very proud to help fundraise for them!

You support of Mater Chicks in Pink will help provide practical support services to women like MIchaela's mum, who are currently going through treatment for breast cancer at Mater.