Solving the puzzle

A new approach to breast cancer research

Cancer is much like a puzzle—the most difficult puzzle you’ll ever do, as we don’t know the final picture, we don’t know how to get there and we have no starting point! It can feel quite overwhelming, but all cancer research aims to try and solve one piece in that very complicated puzzle.

Dr Felicity Davis and her team at Mater Research are taking a different approach, they want to understand the physiology of the breast so we can attack the problem in a new way.

Put simply, they’re trying to find those elusive edge pieces to create the border of the puzzle.

“Our research takes the unique position that cancer should not be pigeonholed and studied as a separate biological entity, but instead considered as a ‘broken-normal’.”

“Through our research we want to better understand normal breast tissue and that of pregnant and breast feeding women, and how these changes in the breast may affect the development of cancer." 

“If we can understand how cells grow, die and resist death in a normal breast we might be able to gain new insights into how to treat breast cancer in the future.”

Dr Felicity Davis

It's an exciting approach, and one that could be of significant benefit to the 18 087 Australian women predicted to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.*

By raising funds for women with breast cancer through Mater Chicks in Pink, you'll be helping to fund exciting research such as that being conducted by Dr Davis.

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*Cancer Australia, 2018.