Taylor's story

This young woman will leave you in awe.

Twenty-five year old Taylor has a story that will break your heart and a determination that will leave you in awe.

Ten years ago, Taylor’s mum Shelley was diagnosed with breast cancer, ovarian cancer and metastatic bone cancer. She was given just three months to live and told there was no point in starting any form of treatment.

Shelley asked to be referred to Mater where she was not only given treatment—she was given hope and time.

“Since the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago, she fought hard with weekly chemotherapy treatments, surgeries and countless hospital stays. She fought hard for six years and nine months,” Taylor said.

“Mater Foundation has a special place in my heart as they support the important work of the doctors and researchers, as well as the patient’s themselves, all of whom have a common goal of curing cancer.”

Taylor set herself a target to raise $10 000 over three years and after participating in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Climb for Cancer events, as well as the 2016 RACQ International Women’s Day Fun Run, she achieved that goal.

Since 2014, Taylor has remained a close member of the Mater Chicks in Pink community, and has raised almost $40,000 through her participation in Mater events. In addition to these events, however, Taylor is known for her personal efforts in hosting memorable annual fundraisers, consisting of Dinners, cocktail nights, raffles and silent auctions.

“Having working in cancer research I know how much it costs to get things done. I know that every single dollar does matter and every little bit of funding could help the researchers going with an idea which could potentially change how we treat cancer.”

Sadly, Taylor’s mum passed away in February 2016, making her fundraising efforts more important than ever—ensuring that Shelley's legacy lives on. 

I’m 25 years old and I don’t have a mum; I’ll do whatever I can so no-one else has to go through the same thing as I did.


Prior to the 2016 Climb for Cancer—an annual event raising vital funds for cancer research at Mater—Taylor said: 

“This year is going to be really emotional. The first year I did Climb for Cancer my mum was actually in hospital and that made it so hard because we’d worked together on the fundraising. She was able to come to the 2015 event so doing it without her will be really hard, but I guess it’s more incentive than ever to raise as much as I can, not just for her but for all Mater families who have lost someone they love."

Just like you, Taylor believes that every woman diagnosed with cancer deserves the best possible care and support. 

Thanks to your support of Mater Chicks in Pink, Mater's researchers can continue working on the causes of, and developing potentially life-saving treatments for breast cancer.