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What's something you'll do today? It doesn't matter how big or small that one thing may be—just give it a go 😊

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We'd like to give a big shout out to the Student Representative Council from Brisbane State High School for raising $945 for Mater Chicks in...

Photos from Mater Chicks in Pink's post
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As Cancer Reserach Awareness Week comes to an end we wanted you to hear first hand why research is so important—not only to the people who have...

Simone's story
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Meet Dr Felicity Davies who was recently named the inaugural recipient of the Equity Trustees Cancer Award. Dr Davis and her team at Mater...

Mater Researcher receives Equity Trustees Cancer Award - Mater Foundation

About Mater Chicks in Pink

Did you know that 15 934 women in Australia were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past year alone?* 

That’s 43 of our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends who today will hear the words “you have cancer.” It’s a figure that is as staggering as it is heartbreaking.

Fortunately, many of these women and their families will come to Mater to receive treatment and support. 

By supporting Mater Chicks in Pink you can help these women focus on the moments that matter most, and alleviate some of the huge emotional and financial burden that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Your generous support will help fund tangible support items—such as counselling and mastectomy bras—to make an immediate impact in the lives of women with breast cancer today; as well as promising research which will benefit the women who walk through Mater’s doors for breast cancer treatment tomorrow and in the future.

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*Source: Cancer Australia, 2016.